2012 Killer Tribes Conference

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Download the 2012 Killer Tribes Conf. audio, featuring:

  • Alli Worthington – Yes You Can Have it All
  • Jeff Goins – Starting From Scratch
  • Steve Kamb – How to Start a rebellion
  • Jon Acuff – 10 Minutes on building your tribe
  • Sarah Mae – How I Learned to Love Marketing
  • Mark Hughes – The Basics of Buzz
  • Daddy-O – Entertainment’s Killer Tribe
  • Tamara Lunardo – Embracing Your Niche
  • Dave Delaney – Social Networking in Real Life

Over 4.5 hrs of conference audio PLUS 4 Exclusive Interviews!

  • Derek Webb (musician, co-founder of NoiseTrade) – The importance of connecting people to your story, how to make a vibrant living with a small tribe, the tension of making art for yourself vs. for your tribe, and how FREE can make you money. (run time 32:45)
  • Jon Acuff (author of WSJ best-seller ‘Quitter’) – How he went from his day job at Auto-Trader to his dream job, the one thing that kills more dreams than anything else, and how to use your day job as a launching place for your dream job. (recorded in May 2011, run time 32:45)
  • Crystal Paine (founder of MoneySavingMom.com) – How she grew to over 100,000 readers, when you shoud create a product, two things she would tell everyone who is building a tribe, how to know when to change course, and how to get the attention of the people that inspire you. (run time 25:35)
  • Ben Arment (founder, STORY & Dream Year) – How to start chasing a dream without risking too much, the importance of creating a portfolio of revenue, how to stop our insecurities from shrinking our dreams, and the number one motivator for pursuing our dreams. (run time 27:25)

Over 6.5 hrs of audio in all as instant download, all for just $39!

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